Religion and morality in the public square

This is my first blog at this WordPress site. I have selected the quotation of our first President, George Washington, as the tag line of this site. He provides excellent proof that the Founding Fathers of the United States of America believed that religion and morality played not only an important but even an indispensable role in our national life.

Almost everyone says he or she want peace, but what is peace? The best definition comes from St. Thomas Aquinas: Peace is the tranquility of due order. Morality is about the due order that ought to exist between us human beings.

In the 1920s sexual theorists who called themselves progressives and revisionists thought that efficient contraception was a key to marital and social happiness. In 1929 secular humanist Walter Lippmann did not answer them with the Bible; he simply appealed to common sense by noting that their theories followed the logic of birth control but not the logic of human nature.

Future blogs will review current events in the light of these and other working principles.

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