Sex is not a sport

“Get fixed and score like a stud.” That’s the primary text of an ad at the bottom of the sports page in the Cincinnati Enquirer on Monday morning, March 11. The implications are obvious. Male readers of the sports page are invited to view themselves as studs, understand women as mares for their potential scores, and regard sex as a sport.   So, do the wives of these vasectomy doctors regard themselves as mares? Do they communicate by neighing and whinnying?

This ad by The Urology Group is irresponsible on several counts.

First, sexual intercourse is intended by God to be a marriage act, a renewal of the faith and love promised by the spouses in the marriage covenant. Sex is not a sport. Men should not be encouraged to violate the Fifth Commandment by having a healthy organ rendered non-operative, and they should not be encouraged to violate the Sixth Commandment by viewing themselves as studs and women as targets for their scores.

Second, vasectomy has been reported to greatly increase the risk of prostate cancer. In 1993 a research article in JAMA (Journal of the American Medical Association) reported that the overall risk of prostate cancer after vasectomy increased 56 to 60%, and after 20 years the risk increased to 89%. I realize that any particular study may not be the last word, but the JAMA study was reported by multiple authors and conducted through the Harvard Medical School.

Third, if you repent after the fact, it is expensive to repair the damage and the procedure will most likely not be covered by your insurance.

Gentlemen, you do not want to increase your risk of prostate cancer, and I hope that you do not want to increase your risk of losing your soul by regarding yourselves as studs and women as mares for your potential scores.

Lastly, when you consider the dignity that God intends for the marriage act, if a man thinks of himself as a stud, isn’t he demeaning himself as well as the women he thinks of as scores?

3 thoughts on “Sex is not a sport

  1. Agree with you! But what can we expect from a society which produced the HHS mandate relegating human pregnancy to a disease to be prevented and reduced human sexuality to equality with animals in heat?

  2. The trouble that I find among my own generation with this problem is that no one wants to listen when someone says there is something tremendously disordered about deliberately disabling one’s own capacity for reproduction. How do you get past that problem?

    It is like there is something in the air today in our culture that causes peoples minds to become confused and weak, to accept things that are so wrong. Or is it just that there are so many voices speaking falsehood?

  3. Part of the problem is that too many voices are speaking falsehood. Another part of the problem is that too few people are taking the time and trouble to speak and teach the truth. How many have heard this simple statement based on Sacred Scripture and Christian Tradition? “Sexual intercourse is intended by God to be at least implicitly a renewal of the marriage covenant.” The scriptural basis for that statement is found in Chapter 17 of my book, “Sex and the Marriage Covenant: A Basis for Morality.” –John Kippley

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