The Boston Massacre

FREEDOM, NOT FEAR, MUST WIN OUT.  Such was the headline on the Cincinnati Enquirer’s editorial page today concerning the Boston Massacre last Monday, April 15th.

Of course, every sane person finds the terrorist bombings horrible, but that may be about as far as universal agreement will go.  The Enquirer opines that the terrorists, whoever they might be, “resent that this is the freest land on Earth, that we can travel at will, that individual rights and freedom are enshrined in our founding, that we have freedom to pursue prosperity and that the rights of individuals are paramount.”  That may be true, but it may also be far wide of the mark.

If the terrorist has been influenced by Islamists, it might be more helpful to look at some of the objections made by Islamists as well as moderate Islam against the American and European culture of death, a label used by many sane people including Blessed John Paul II.  At the National Prayer Breakfast in 1994, Mother Teresa noted that if a culture teaches that mothers can kill their own babies, how does it argue against the killing of innocent children and adults?  Whenever we have a tragedy such as Sandy Hook or Boston, can we ignore and suppress the fact that the free citizens of this country are using their freedom each day to kill some 4,000 innocent babies?

Internationally, the United States is aggressive in promoting abortion in cultures that have previously stood against the murder of the unborn.  When the abortionists have pushed their agenda at the United Nations and other international assemblies, we know that the Vatican has gained key pro-life support from traditionally Muslim countries more than from those in the once-Christian West.  We know that Islamists have complained about the American promotion of pornography, excessively revealing clothing, and women in roles not approved by Islamists.  Female runners might fit their criteria for bombing.

I would like to suggest that some progress might be made in the war against terror by examining the Western behaviors that lead certain Islamists to allege justification for terror.  In short, why not provide a smaller target?  This would not be an act of cowardice.  It would simply be an act of humility.  Cannot America admit that it has been horribly wrong to promote abortion, contraception, and pornography?  Can’t America admit that it is counter-productive to ridicule the modest-dress codes of traditional cultures?

2 thoughts on “The Boston Massacre

  1. I would hope that it would be possible for America to publicly admit that it was wrong to promote abortion, contraception, and pornography. But I think we need a serious change in direction in order for this to be possible…our own (elected) government is currently promoting these things.

  2. A.M.D.G.

    I would respectfully suggest that the reason for jihad violence in the world has nothing to do with a hatred of our freedoms nor for sexual immorality and murder via abortion promoted both here and abroad. It is because of the texts and teachings of Islam itself. This is a religion that commands its followers to subjugate or kill non-Muslims. Whilst I would totally agree with you on the intrinsic evils of contraception, abortion and pornography, I firmly believe these jihadists would still be trying to kill us even if we were all Puritans. The young man in Boston was rather fond of marijuana and let us not forget Osama Bin-Laden’s hideout was filled with pornographic videos. Islam itself is not exactly a religion that values sexual purity…

    “Most schools of Islamic thought accept artificial birth control. And the Islamic practice of divorce is something even secular Westerners find appalling: A Muslim man can divorce his wife simply by telling her verbally. Then she must leave his home, with no rights to alimony or custody of children. Also, he can marry up to four women at a time, provided he treats them all ‘equally.’ Because the prophet Muhammad is seen as the perfect model of conduct, a Muslim man can marry a girl as young as 9 years old—since that’s what Muhammad did. That is why Iran’s Ayatollah Khomeni lowered the legal age of consent for girls to 9 years. He was taking Muhammad’s example as normative. With sexual ethics like these, are Muslims really our natural allies? On a few issues, maybe.” – Robert Spencer (author of “Not Peace But A Sword: The Great Chasm Between Christianity and Islam” published by Catholic Answers)

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