The Seven Day Bible Rosary

Seven Day Bible RosaryWhat is it?
The Seven Day Bible Rosary is an expanded way of praying the rosary.

It consists of seven different sets of mysteries, one for each day of the week. It includes mysteries of the Public Life of Jesus, the Last Supper, and the Church as well as the now traditional four sets of mysteries.

It also has a short meditation with each decade and a scripture verse after each Hail Mary.

Why is it helpful?
Some people find that it is helpful to have bible verses with each Hail Mary. Some people also find it helpful to have more of the public life and teaching of Jesus in their weekly rosary prayers, as indicated by the following true account.

“I am a convert and since I didn’t learn of the Blessed Virgin as a young person, I didn’t have a relationship with her. I asked God to help me have a devotion to Mary, and I discovered the Seven Day Bible Rosary. The Bible verses between each Hail Mary help me keep my mind on what I’m praying, and I feel a growing closeness with Mother Mary. The Lord has answered my prayer.”

Is it for you?
If you are distracted and your mind wanders while praying, you might find this helpful.

Need a great little gift?
The Seven Day Bible Rosary makes a fine way to say:

  • Thanks for your hospitality
  • Welcome into (or back to) the Church
  • Happy Birthday
  • Happy Anniversary
  • A blessed Confirmation
  • Get well soon
  • Just thinking of you

It fits in a standard greeting envelope and is a great stocking stuffer at Christmas.

To purchase
To purchase The Seven Day Bible Rosary, use one of the buttons below:

  • 1 copy for $5.00

* Free for prisoners who personally request a booklet. The inmate needs to print her/his name and ID# and address. Limit: one per request.

Or send a check to:

American Rosary Press
P. O. Box 112035
Cincinnati OH 45211

Ohio residents: Please add 7% Ohio sales tax. Thanks!

Want peace?
Please pray the rosary daily as Our Lady of Fatima has asked us to do.  You may find that The Seven Day Bible Rosary is truly helpful in fulfilling Our Lady’s request.

11 thoughts on “The Seven Day Bible Rosary

    • The current edition still uses the old Confraternity translation for the most part but updated to a more modern word usage. In a few places I use a different translation. What is different from the version of 14 years ago is the inclusion of the Luminous mysteries. To do that and keep it at seven sets, I had to delete the parables, but I did work the parable of the prodigal son into the Public Life mysteries. Thanks for asking. jfk.

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  2. Good morning,
    To whom this applies to I had placed 2 separate order on December 14 2020 for 5 books of the seven day Bible Rosary in each order and only received one order. At firsts I thought maybe because of covid maybe mailing services was behind and now I think it was a minor mistake.
    I want to see what I need to do in order to get my other 5 books. I have sent my a copy of my bank statement to see if that helps. Thank you for you time Marivel Valdillez

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